EduSahara™ User Manual

Introduction : EduSahara™ is a simple and very powerful software that helps students take tests in mathematics and the other subjects. It provides a generic framework for creating questions and assignments. The current version of the software fully covers topics in mathematics for VI to X standards of SSC (Telangana and A.P. state board), CBSE and ICSE syllabuses. The software essentially uses a randomizer that helps generate infinite questions of various kinds.

Grade Feature : The concept of grade is very important in EduSahara. By default, the student is assigned 'Default Grade' which enables the student to see all questions of all chapters present in the system. By changing this grade to a particular grade of the student, the view is changed to generate questions relevant to the topics of that grade only. This is very important to enable the student to directly select the chapter that is being taught and solve relevant questions while practicing.

Score card : A score card is displayed that keeps track of the number of attempted questions, number of problems solved correctly, wrongly and the attempt rate & success rate. This gives a fair idea of the student progress. The submitted assignments and old sessions will also have this information.

Student Role : A student can perform two acts - One is to practice questions from different chapters. He can do this interactively or a few questions at a time. The other activity is to solve given assignments. When the teacher gives assignments, the student gets to see them when he logs in. He can solve the assignments and submit them. Immediately, he can see his performance. He can check where he went wrong and also look at the right answer. The submitted assignment is also visible to the teacher who has given the assignment. The teacher can search and find where the student made mistakes and give proper training to the student. All the questions attempted and solved by the student in a login session are stored in session performance. So, a student can look at his old performance at a later time. All submitted assignments of the student are also saved so that the student can look at them at a later time.

Teacher Role : A Teacher can create assignments on selected topics by picking questions from the existing set of questions for the grade. A teacher can give the assignment to the students. A teacher can get to see the submitted assignments of the students and give proper feedback on the performance of the student. A teacher can also look at the session activity of the student to know what questions the student worked on, which questions went wrong, etc. and take necessary action. A teacher can enable or disable given assignments.