Understanding EduSahara™

EduSahara™ is a simple yet very powerful tool that lets aspiring students reach their goal of excelling in Mathematics. With Release_2.1.0 of the product, students can excel in other subjects also.

The strength of EduSahara™ is the ability of the software to generate infinite questions. Questions are generated using a Randomizer. So, every time the question is generated, it shows up with different data.

EduSahara™ covers topics in Mathematics from VI to X class of CBSE, ICSE and A.P. state board syllabus.

Student can practice with unending generation of questions from each chapter to get complete understanding of the concepts.

Teachers have the flexibility to create assignments by selectively picking questions from different chapters.

Teachers can give multiple assignments to several students in one shot.

Teachers can reassign the same assignment, if the performance is not up to mark. Every time, the assignment is generated with different data.

Students can take assignments online instead of the traditional way of writing on the paper.

Students' assignment response is immediately visible to the teacher.

A score card feature is provided to give awareness on the current answering ability. This gives information related to the number of questions generated, attempted, correctly answered and those that are wrong and the attempt rate and the success rate.

The software generates multiple choice questions.

Automatic computation of results relieves the teacher of correction and counting jobs.

Teacher can focus on feedback and training the student to solve the wrongly answered problems in the right way.

The students' assignment response sheets and login sessions are stored for later day perusal.

EduSahara™ is completely web-based without the need to install any software on the end user system.

EduSahara™ can be accessed from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

EduSahara™ simplifies a lot of mundane activities of the teacher like setting question paper, generating the key, evaluating the answer sheets and counting of marks.

A lot of quick tests can be conducted immediately after teaching a topic.

Every student gets to see the assignment with same questions but different data. Also note that there is an option to give the same assignment with same questions including same data to multiple students.

EduSahara™ empowers the student to be fully comfortable with the concepts of his academic level.

The same interface can be used for other subjects also. EduSahara™ has built in support for Mathematics only. Questions database for other subjects like English, EVS, Biology, Zoology and languages like Hindi, Telugu, etc. has to be created. The same framework can be used for all subjects.

The entire session activity of the student from login to logout is captured and saved for the parents, teacher and students to see at a later time.

New assignments can be created on the fly in a few seconds.

Teaching of concepts is not done in EduSahara™. Students have to learn the concepts from other sources like teachers and textbooks and then solve the problems. Learning is directly related to the different variety of questions answers and the number of questions answered.

As opposed to other Educational softwares, teacher's individual ability to innovate is not hindered.

EduSahara™ is a simple but very powerful tool in the hands of students and teachers.

EduSahara™ comes very handy in the training of children of educated parents and teacher parents. Parents can play the role of teachers and set assignments for the children and let them solve the assignments.

Practice in EduSahara™ involves answering very simple questions to solving some complex problems.

EduSahara™ provides a proof of the teacher activity and student performance in class to the parents.

Upon seeing and observing the student performance, new assignments from lower grades can be given to improve the prerequisite skills.

The current version of EduSahara™ includes more than 1300 ready to serve mathematics assignments. The students can be given these assignments right away.

Continuous practice improves the calculation speed and response time of the students.

EduSahara™ is useful for those who are preparing for competitive exams that have quantitative aptitude sections like banks, GRE, clerical grade exam etc. They can use the timeout feature of the assignment and take tests.