EduSahara™ CBSE Class VIII Sample Worksheets

Rational Numbers
Properties Of Rational Numbers
Operations On Rational Numbers
Locating Rational Numbers
Linear Equations in One Variable
Linear Equation Concepts
Solving Linear Equations
Word Problems On Linear Equations
Understanding Quadrilaterals
Types Of Quadrilaterals
Quadrilateral Properties
Quadrilateral Properties Using Diagrams
Quadrilateral Angle Properties
Data Handling
Bar Graph
Class Interval Table Concepts
Constructing Class Interval Tables
Pie Chart
Chance And Probability
Squares And Square Roots
Squares And Square Roots
Pythagorean Triplet
Prime Factorization And Exponent Notation
Square Root Of Decimal Numbers
Square Root Of Non Perfect Squares
Cubes And Cube Roots
Cubes And Cube Roots
Comparing Quantities
Marked Price And Discount
Profit And Loss
Sales Tax And Value Added Tax
Compound Interest Computed Anually
Compound Interest Computed Halfyearly
Compound Interest Applications
Algebraic Expressions And Identities
Algebraic Expression Concepts
Like And Unlike Terms
Addition And Subtraction Of Algebraic Expressions
Multiplication Of Algebraic Expressions
Algebraic Identities
Product Of Numbers Using Algebraic Identities
Visualising Solid Shapes
3D Figures
3D Views
Perimeter And Area Of Circles
Perimeter And Area Of Triangles
Perimeter And Area Of Quadrilaterals
Cube And Cuboid
Exponents And Powers
Base Power Concepts
Base Power Miscellaneous
Representing Numbers In Standard Form
Direct And Inverse Proportions
Direct Proportion
Inverse Proportion
Factorisation Miscellaneous
Factorisation By Grouping
Factorisation Using Identities
Division Of Polynomials
Introduction to Graphs
Different Types Of Graphs
Playing with Numbers
Expanded Form Of A Number
Divisibility Problems