EduSahara™ ICSE Class VIII Sample Worksheets

Set Concepts
Two Set Problems
Three Set Problems
Set Subtraction Problems
Set Complement Problems
Operations on Sets
Set Algebra
Venn Diagrams
Operations on Sets Using Venn Diagrams
Three Set Operations Using Venn Diagrams
Word Problems on Sets
Number Line Problems
Addition and Subtraction of Integers
BODMAS of Integer Expressions
Properties of Integers
Integer Sorting
Multiplication and Division of Integers
Fraction Concepts
Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
BODMAS of Fraction Expressions
Fraction Comparison
Fraction Miscellaneous
Multiplication and Division of Fractions
Fraction Sorting
Number System Conversions
Decimal Number Position
LCM and HCF of Decimals
BODMAS of Decimal Expressions
Decimal Concepts
Decimal Number Expansion
Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
Multiplication and Division of Decimals
Decimal to Fraction and Vice Versa
Rounding of Decimals
Decimal Sorting
Locating Decimal Numbers
Factors and Multiples
Factors and Multiples
Divisibility Problems
Prime Factorization and L.C.M and H.C.F
Square Root and Cube Root
Squares and Square Roots
Cubes and Cube Roots
Square Roots of Decimal Numbers
Square Roots of Non-Perfect Squares
Real Numbers
Properties of Rational Numbers
Rationalising the Denominator
Percentage Concepts
Word Problems on Percentages
Profit and Loss
Profit and Loss
Marked Price and Discount
Ratio and Proportion
Ratio and Proportion Concepts
Word Problems on Ratios
Unitary Method
Unitary Method Problems
Time and Work
Time and Work
Time and Distance
Relative Speed Concepts
Speed Conversions
Simple Interest
Simple Interest Complex Problems
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Compound Interest
Fundamental Concepts
Algebraic Expression Concepts
Like and Unlike Terms
Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions
Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions
Polynomial Division
Exponents Concepts
Simplification of Base Power Expressions
Evaluation of Base Power Expressions
Base Power Expressions involving Variables
Equations involving Base Powers
Special Products and Expansions
Expansions Using Identities
Product of Numbers using Algebraic Identities
Finding Values of Expressions
Factorisation Miscellaneous
Factorisation by Grouping
Factorisation Using Identities
Simplification of Algebraic Fractions
H.C.F and L.C.M of Polynomials
Relations and Mapping
Real Valued Functions
Simple Linear Equations
Linear Equations Concepts
Solving Linear Equations
Word Problems on Linear Equations
Linear Equations Complex Problems
Simultaneous Linear Equations
Solving Simultaneous Equations
Word Problems on Simultaneous Linear Equations
Coordinate System and Graphs
Co-ordinate System
Graph of a Linear Equation in Two Variables
Linear Inequations
Single Variable
Linear Inequations
Linear Inequations Graphical Solutions
Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Equations
Lines and Angles
Line Concepts
Angle Concepts
Parallel Lines and Transversal
Triangle Problems
Triangle Concepts
Congruency of Triangles
Pythagoras Theorem
Quadrilateral Concepts
Types of Quadrilaterals
Quadrilateral Properties
Quadrilateral Properties Using Diagrams
Quadrilateral Angle Properties
Circle Basics
Angle in a Semi-circle
Symmetry Reflection and Rotation
Reflection Concepts
Rotation Concepts
Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures
Perimeter and Area of Triangles
Perimeter and Area of Square and Rectangle
Square and Rectangular Paths
Perimeter and Area of Quadrilaterals
Perimeter and Area of Circles
Perimeter and Area of Complex Shaped Figures
Volume and Surface Area of Solids
Cube and Cuboid
Frequency Distribution Table Metrics
Class Interval Concepts
Class Interval Table Concepts
Constructing Frequency Distribution Tables
Constructing Class Interval Tables
Bar Graph
Mean of Raw Data
Mean of Frequency Distribution
Mean of Grouped Data
Median of Raw Data
Mode of Raw Data
Mode of Frequency Distribution