EduSahara™ SSC Class X Sample Worksheets

Real Numbers
Rational Numbers and their Decimal Expansions
Prime Factorization and L.C.M and H.C.F
Properties of Real Numbers
Logarithms involving variables
Solving Logarithmic Equations
Set Concepts
Single Set Operations
Operations on Sets
Operations on Sets Using Venn Diagrams
Single Set Operations using Venn Diagrams
Universal Set and Subsets
Polynomial Concepts
Value of a Polynomial
Graphical Representation of Linear Polynomial
Graphical Representation of Quadratic Polynomial
Zeros of a Polynomial Using Graphs
Zeroes of a Quadratic Polynomial
Zeroes of a Cubic Polynomial
Polynomial Division
Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Solution of a Pair of Linear Equations
Solution of Pair of Linear Equations using Graphs
Simultaneous Equations Complex Problems
Points satisfying the Equation
Quadratic Equations
Solution of a Quadratic Equation
Solution of a Quadratic Equation Complex Problems
Word Problems on Quadratic Equations
Arithmetic Progression
Geometric Progression
Coordinate Geometry
Distance between Two Points
Section Formula
Geometric Figure Properties and Collinearity
Equation of a Straight Line
Slope of a Straight Line
Heron's Formula
Similar Triangles
Basic Proportionality Theorem
Similarity of Triangles
Pythagoras Theorem
Tangents and Secants to a Circle
Circle Concepts
Tangent Properties
Areas of Complex Shapes
Cube and Cuboid
Triangular Prism
Surface Area of a Combination of Solids
Volume of a Combination of Solids
Conversion of Solid from One Shape to Another
Standard Trigonometric Values
Basics of Trigonometric Ratios
Trigonometric Expression Evaluation
Trigonometric ratios in terms of other ratios
Trigonometry Miscellaneous
Trigonometry Diagram Problems
Trigonometric Ratio Equivalents
Complex Trigonometric Expressions Simplification
Applications of Trigonometry
Heights and Distances1
Heights and Distances2
Emperical Probability
Coin Problems
Die Problems
Card Problems
Probability Concepts
Box problems
Mean of Ungrouped Data
Median of Ungrouped Data
Mode of Ungrouped Data
Mean of Grouped Data
Median of Grouped Data
Mode of Grouped Data
Cumulative Frequency
Calculating Median using Ogive