EduSahara™ SSC Class VI Sample Worksheets

Knowing Our Numbers
Number Sorting
Writing Numbers In Words And Figures
Estimating And Rounding Of Numbers
Place Value Of A Digit
Large Number Expansion
Large Number In Words And Figures
Numbers In International System
Whole Numbers
Whole Number Properties
Playing with Numbers
Prime Factorization
Divisibility Problems
Types Of Numbers
Prime Factorization Miscellaneous
H.C.F Of Numbers
L.C.M Of Numbers
Basic Geometrical Ideas
Shapes And Polygons
Circle Concepts
Point Location Identification
Measures of Lines and Angles
Line Concepts
Angle Concepts
Angle Problems
Representing Integers On Number Line
Integer Sorting
Addition And Subtraction Of Integers
Addition And Subtraction On Number Line
Fractions and Decimals
Fraction Concepts
Fraction Diagram Problems
Fractions On Number Line
Fraction Conversion
Equivalent Fractions
Like And Unlike Fractions
Fraction Reduction
Fraction Sorting
Addition And Subtraction Of Fractions
Decimal Number In Words And Figures
Fraction To Decimal
Place Value In A Decimal Number
Decimal Concepts
Decimal Number Expansion
Decimal Number Sorting
Rupee Paise Conversion
Addition And Subtraction Of Decimals
Decimal Number Line
Data Handling
Bar Graphs
Constructing Frequency Distribution Table
Introduction to Algebra
Simple Equations
Solving Simple Equations
Perimeter and Area
Perimeter Of Arbitrary Shapes
Ratio and Proportion
Ratio Concepts
Ratio Of Quantities With Different Units
Ratio Reduction
Word Problems On Ratios
Division Of A Quantity In A Given Ratio
Unitary Method Problems
Proportion Concepts
Understanding 3D and 2D Shapes
3D Figures