EduSahara™ SSC Class VII Sample Worksheets

Operations on Integers
Properties of Integers
Integer Number Line
Fractions Decimals and Rational Numbers
Operations on Fractions
Fraction Comparison
Fraction Concepts
Decimal Concepts
Operations on Decimals
Decimal Comparision
Rational Number Line
Decimal Number Line
Place Value in a Decimal Number
Decimal Number Expansion
Decimal Number in Words and Figures
Decimal Diagram Problems
Fraction Diagram Problems
Simple Equations
Simple Equations
Solving Simple Equations
Simple Equation Term Transposition
Lines and Angles
Transversal Concepts
Line Concepts
Angle Concepts
Pairs of Related Angles
Triangles and Its Properties
Triangle Concepts
Types of Triangles
Triangle Interior Angle Properties using Diagrams
Triangle Angle Properties
Triangle Exterior Angle Properties using Diagrams
Ratio - Applications
Percentage Concepts
Word Problems on Percentages
Percentages - School1
Percentages - School2
Ratio and Proportion Concepts
Ratios - Word Problems
Proportions - Word Problems
Profit and Loss
Marked Price and Discount
Simple Interest
Data Handling
Arithmetic Mean
Bar Graph
Double Bar Graph
Pie Chart
Congruency of Triangles
Congruency of Triangles
Algebraic Expressions
Like and Unlike Terms
Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions
Value of a Polynomial
Polynomials as Variables
Prime Factorization
Expanded and Power Notation
Identity - 1
Identity - 4
Representing Numbers in Standard Form
Quadrilateral Concepts
Quadrilateral Angle Problems
Parallelogram Properties
Quadrilateral Properties
Rhombus Properties
Kite Properties
Trapezium Properties
Area and Perimeter
Square Paths
Rectangular Paths
Right Angled Triangles
Circumference of a Circle
Understanding 3D and 2D Shapes
3-D Figures
3-D Views